December 14, 2017

Technology Solution

Oracle ERP

At Meticulous Digitech, we have been managing our customers Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) installations since our inception – it is at the core of what we do, and we do it better than anyone else in the market. Our team has deep-rooted expertise in implementing and managing every aspect of the solution. Our ERP specialists are aligned with our Development Service Desk staff to provide application-specific expertise at both UI and data layers.

In addition, Meticulous Digitech provides customers with access to our ERP Functional Service Desk offerings, where our experts can help fill roles such as:

  • Business Analysts, who understand overall business flows and module-specific functionality
  • Developers, who create (Configurations, Extensions, Modifications, Localizations, and Integrations), develop new user interfaces, and manipulate data.
  • Application Administrators, who handle tasks such as changing application user passwords, setting application user security, and managing workflow

Data Architecture

Data Architecture services from Meticulous Digitech focus on constructing the underlying data assets of an organization. We utilize rapid iterations to get results into the hands of our clients quickly and reliably. These same principles are used to create interoperability between data sets and systems through designing and building solutions focusing on the movement, transformation, cleansing and provisioning of data.. A comprehensive data architecture Includes:

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Warehouse
  • Information Architecture
  • Data Migration
  • Master Data Management
  • ETL Technologies